Keyboard thortcut to navigate texts

So I use different texts for different chapters (which I think would be pretty normal) and I can’t figure out how to easily move to the previous / next chapter. In pretty much every other program with any kind of hierarchy CTRL+TAB & CTRL+SHIFT+TAB is the standard, but that just seems to toggle something to do with inserting.

Does anybody know what the shortcut for this is in Scrivener?

I’m using the latest BETA if that changes anything

Found it:

To move between documents in the binder (which could be folders, chapters, scenes or anything else in the Binder, regardless of the hierarchy), you use shift-alt-down/up. Ctl-tab is used to moved between Binder/Editor/Inspector normally.

If you want to move from a child document up to its parent group, then the official shortcut is supposed to be Shift-Alt-Left. However, I can’t get that to work in the beta (it selects text instead). It may be that it’s because I’m on a Mac and am using the Windows version in Parallels desktop so there’s a conflict… someone with a Windows PC will have to say whether it works for them. However, the menu commands (Navigate > Go to > Enclosing Group doesn’t seem to work reliably yet, so perhaps it’s not fully implemented?