Keyword column option not showing in Outliner


I might be missing something, but was unable to activate keywords column in “Outliner view” because it does not exist.

Since in Manual that option is specifically stated as viable (page 27. Windows manual), and I have keywords to be displayed, is it a bug or my mistake?

This is a mistake in the manual. Thanks for the catch!

Keywords can be shown as colour tags on the corkboard, by choosing View > Corkboard Options > Keyword Colors. You can further limit how many keywords are shown by clicking the square icon of four cards in the corkboard footer and choosing from the dropdown menu for “Keyword chips”.

Well, that is a dissapointment. I can swear I’ve seen somewhere that option. Maybe on Mac version. The purpose of Outliner is to have broader look on things. I don’t get the direction where only “random selected” meta-data can be presented and others not. Keywords and notes should be there also. I guess I’ll be transferring to the wishlist forum.

The corkboard view is not satisfactory. I know that keywords are present, and I want to see them in relation to other metadata without too much clicking.

Thanks anyway.

No need to post in the wishlist; this is a Mac feature that will be coming to Windows in the future.

Just Keywords or also Notes?

Just keywords. Notes are a rich text field and not something that can be displayed in the context the outliner (where the fields are necessarily plain-text).

Do you have any idea when keywords will be a column option in Windows version? This would be incredibly helpful!! (If soon, I’ll be adding keywords to all the notes I’m sorting)


Keywords in the outliner will be part of the next major version, but we don’t have a date to announce for that yet. You might look into custom meta-data for organising your current project, as that can be displayed in the outliner as well as in the inspector and can be used for project searches.

So how can we tag keywords as Custom Metadata? Or even set up custom metadata? I see the option to include it in the outliner and set up a column for it, but I can’t find where to actually set up the metadata on scenes.



Hi Patrick,

You can set up the custom meta-data fields you want in the “Custom Meta-Data” tab of Project > Meta-Data Settings.... Once the fields are there, you can fill them out per document in the custom meta-data section of the inspector (fourth icon button from the left at the top of the inspector, that looks like a little tag). You can also edit the info directly in the outliner if the meta-data’s column is shown by double-clicking into the column for the row you want to edit.

§10.1.6 in the user manual (available from the Help menu) goes into more detail on setting up and using custom meta-data.

“Keywords in the outliner will be part of the next major version, but we don’t have a date to announce for that yet.” This is from 2016.

Was this update ever made? I don’t see how to view keywords in the outliner and that would be super helpful…


Yep, it was.
Rgds - Jerome

Here’s what happens when I try:

[attachment=0]scrivener doc.pdf[/attachment]

When I click on the little down arrow on the right, the menu that pops up does not include Keywords.

Any thoughts?


What version of Scrivener do you have? I just checked on my version of 1.9.16 and like you, Keywords is not an option to select, which is confirmed in the beginning of this thread back from 2016. That functionality was added in the Windows 3.x beta.

Ah, very interesting. I have: Version: - 14 Nov 2019

How do I get an updated version? The Help > Check for Updates says I am fully up to date.

Edit: I see there is a beta version. Is that worth a look?