I know it is not yet the time for spacial wishes, but since such a feature could help people to work more efficiency, if they write the way as I write, I am cheekily enough to post it as a matter to consider.

There are the keyword HUD, which is invaluable to take track of ideas and concepts - for which I employ it. Since I am writing theoretical scientific stuff, I use the keyword HUD to get hold of my special terms - which sometimes are very specific in meaning and usage.

What I miss now is my definition or use of the keywords ready to hand. A explanation or definition column right beside the keyword in the HUD as an option, just to add some line of description or info to the words. As a work around I maintain a list in a text file - but I am unsatisfied.

I even can imagine that fiction writer would find such an option useful as well, to have some descriptions of characters or places at hand.

Setting aside the wish request part of this, what I do whenever I need to document any type of meta-data is stash some readme type items in the Research folder or Project Notes. Collections sometimes need documenting, keywords, even labels and status sometimes. Having a nice “legend” file that you can call up at any time solves the problem.