keyword export

Like others a faster way to add keywords would be great. But, I often write web-page articles in Scrivener and each page needs a comma separated keyword meta-tag list. So each keyword must be in a single paragraph separated by commas as: word1, word2, word3 etc. So the keywords in Scrivener don’t work and I use document notes for my keywords for web pages, losing the advantages of having keywords within scrivener. Even adding an import of a list would help.

If you drag and drop keywords from any keywords panel into a text editor you’ll get a list of them, one per line. A simple search and replace should then get them all on a line and separated by commas. Notepad++ is good for this kind of stuff, and free.

Also note that if you check off “Meta-Data” in the Formatting compile option pane, keywords are included and they will be formatted the way you want, but you’ll need to edit the file after you compile to remove the meta-data text from the output, so I’m not sure if that would be any more convenient.

Thank you for the ideas. I do not know whether it is my lack of experience with Scrivener, or the difference between the windows and Mac version, or both, but I couldn’t figure out how to drag and drop the keywords as you suggested. I can only drag one at a time, and they run together in a single line without even a single space between them.

However, the metadata idea works fine. When I post my articles, I must input them into an online html editor. Using the metadata idea, I can copy the synopsis into the metadata description field, and the keywords into the metadata keyword field. Also, I’ve created an article number custom metadata field, so I can compile to pdf and then copy and touch-up in the online editor. Will work just fine. Thank you.

I switched from notepad++ to EditPad Pad Pro along with AceText.

To select multiple keywords you can click on the first one and then shift-click on the last, then drag the whole selection into any text field. For me it works straight into a text editor where I can then run the search and replace.

Thanks. That works.