keyword HUD colours

I only just started using/testing the Win Beta, so I might be missing something, but I don’t get how colours are chosen when one adds a new keyword to the list. It seems to be a random choice that doesn’t help to group things at all.
Unless I overlook something, it would be desirable to have a more structured assigning of colours. In particular the ‘child’ keywords would logically take the colour or a tint of the ‘parent’ keyword.
Maybe picking the colour from the currently active (clicked) keyword for the new keyword would be a way to go.

Another thing that might have been addressed already is the delete function. Even though I am navigating in the keyword HUD and trying to delete an active (clicked) keyword entry, hitting the Del key moves my open document from the research folder into the recycle bin.


The initial assignment is random, yes, so that there is something and for the unorganised the random assignment will be fine, saving them a step. If you do want to organise things into clusters based on colour, you can double-click the colour chip to modify it.