Keyword HUD Opacity

I’d like to be able to change the opacity of the HUD displays. The semi-transparent window is a little hard to see for me.

If by chance someone has suggested this already please forgive - I searched the forums the best I could. :wink:

Not sure about this one. The HUD displays are based on the ones in Aperture and iPhoto etc - the opacity is the same. So I’m following the standard set by Apple, and I’m not sure if I want to complicate things with opacity sliders for HUDs…
I’ll certainly consider it in the future if enough users really want it, but for now I’d rather leave things as they are.
Thanks for posting,

I didn’t realize that the opacity was kind of “predetermined” by Apple. It was just a thought to help make things easier to see. :wink:

Thanks again for making such a great program!
I love it! :smiley: