keywords and tagging text

Will I ever be able to highlight text in a document and assign a keyword to it?

I would find this useful when I refer to another chapter. Let’s say I am writing a bunch of chapters and there is one chapter that deals with a particular subject, let’s say apple picking. Within the whole body of the book, I keep referring to this chapter on apple picking. Then one day I have an idea about apple picking in that apple picking chapter, and I want to find all the references to that chapter in my whole book so I can change what I say in each place.

If I could tag the text (a sentence, a paragraph, etc.) with “Chapter 4: Apple Picking,” then, when I need to make changes for Chapter 4, I could do a search on that keyword phrase throughout the whole book.

Is there another way to do this, i.e., to mark passages with succinct phrases (“chapter 4”) and then search on them later? How do other people do this? Would the Comment feature accomplish the same thing?

Thanks for any help!

You could use the comment feature for this, yes, and then use Find by Formatting to find the comment. There are no plans currently to add tagging to ranges of text though.
All the best,

Ok, that works, just tried it. But how might I save this kind of search?

But I still think adding keywords to text passages would be amazing. Amazing.