Keywords for multiple documents

I’m following the tutorial, 5e keywords.

My understanding is that I can select multiple documents from the binder and then drag-and-drop keywords from the keyword HUD to add to all of the selected documents.

When I do that, the keyword is added to only the first of the multiple documents, instead of all of the selected documents as expected.

Really liking the tutorial and the new interface :smiley:

Benjamin Lee

This is working for me. When you do the drag and drop, are you dropping onto the selection in the binder? Dragging elsewhere, e.g. into the keyword area of the inspector or into the editor (even if it’s displaying a composite text or outline), results in only the one document receiving the keyword.

I tried again today, with the same result.

Dragging a keyword into the header bar or onto the binder (where multiple documents are selected) results in the keyword being assigned to the first document and only the first document.

Dragging into the editor actually drops the word into the editor, a nice feature, though it’s not mentioned in the tutorial.

Benjamin Lee

I can’t reproduce this.

  1. Select several documents in the binder using shift-click or cmd-click so they are all selected in blue.

  2. Drag a keyword from the HUD panel (the black translucent keywords panel) onto one of the selected items.

  3. The keyword gets assigned to all selected.

Can you please provide exact steps to reproduce the problem?


I just deleted a post because it was wrong–I was looking at the wrong thing.

Okay, today, it works as advertised. Also, when I select more than one document, it jumps to cork board view by default–my recollection is that it stayed in view document mode.

Is it possible that you have to reboot your Mac or at least restart Scrivener after installation? That might be the issue.

Sorry if I’m wasting bandwidth. I’m not used to always rebooting my Mac.

Benjamin Lee

That would be really strange. The only issue I am aware of that sometimes requires a reboot (or at least a relog) is that services will not always register correctly right after you install a program. These have nothing to do with keywords, though.