Keywords Problems: sort list alphabetically/arrange cards by keyword

I have a large writing project and would like to identify and sort based on keywords.

  1. I have put in a large ### of keywords but the list is in order of creation… is there a way to have the list of keywords sort alphbetically

  2. I had hoped to be able to use the Card Method to sort through and arrange by the keywords I created. In a sense, I am making an content appendix and would like to be able to pull up all of the individual folders for each item in the appendix.

It seems that neither of these functions are available.

If that remains the case, what should I do… should this all be done through collections. How do I make a collection based on keywords.



  1. You can drag/drop to rearrange the keyword list, but it’s a manual process. If the list is long, it could take a while, on the order of n drags for n items.

  2. I never heard of a “Card Method” for anything. Corkboard view is a view of synopsis information (using content if you haven’t entered a synopsis).

  3. You can create a collection based on keywords by doing a search and saving the search as a smart collection.

Regarding #1––from the Scrivener Manual (available in the Help menu and elsewhere) Sec. 10.4.5 Using Keywords:
[attachment=0]Using Keywords.png[/attachment]

Thank you!

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You’re welcome. This gives me an opportunity to give kudos to you regarding your website. I’ve not perused its entire content, but what I have seen of it looks to be well done. I’m sure your efforts will prove to be helpful for many.

Thanks to the responders (and the Gwen H. materials) , I got it.

Took me along time to learn to click the correct caret in the search box … so that I could select “Keywords” and make a collection that way.

When in doubt, hover over icons to see what they do. Everything on the screen does something, and a lot of it has context sensitive help.