I notice that when I enter a Keyword in the document Inspector, it automatically appears in the Keywords HUD. Great.

However, when I delete that keyword from the HUD, it remains in the Inspector for that document. The question is whether this keyword (deleted from the HUD) still operates in all ways like a keyword should.

Anyone know?

Yes, it can still be searched for using the quick search toolbar. The HUD is just a central collection of keywords. Removing a keyword from the hub is can be useful if it is not something that would be of use to many documents.

Thanx AmberV.

By the way, who are you? How did you gain such encyclopedic knowledge of all things Scrivener, and why? And what is your connection to Keith?

A public confession?

Just curious.


Oh, nothing mysterious. I’ve just been involved with the betas for a long time.

Hmpf! Amber is wonderfully generous with expert help and knows Scrivener inside-out, backwards and sideways.

I greatly value her contributions.



Indeedy, Amber was one of the first beta-users waaaay back when Scrivener Gold debuted as as simple old Scrivener 0.something, and has given loads and loads of feedback and ideas that fed into Scrivener’s development. And she created the application icon. :slight_smile: She actually knows more than I do about aspects of the program such as MMD and keyboard shortcuts. :blush:

Anyway, as far as the keywords thing goes: I did think of making it so that keywords deleted from the HUD get deleted from the inspector, and this may still happen in a future release, but I decided that liked the idea of having more tight control over individual documents rather than being able to destroy information so easily.

All the best,

I still think a super delete would be nice, accessed with Cmd-delete instead of regular delete. It is definitely nice having the ability to remove glut from the HUD without worrying about whether or not documents are still using them. Not to mention typo removal.