The tutorial tells me that I should be able to drag keywords from the Keywords HUD to the Keywords Table in the Inspector - but this function doesn’t appear to be operating in version 024. Unless I’m doing something incorrectly.

The “+” sign sometimes appears momentarily beside my cursor when I click on the keyword that I intend to drag, but then it disappears. And dragging the keyword then does nothing. Other times the “+” sign doesn’t appear at all.


The keyword drag should work (although I do notice the display is a little glitchy). Be sure that in the inspector you’re showing the keywords panel; it looks similar to the references and notes if they’re all blank. In the footer you should see the four tabs; click the third from the left with the key icon. Also make sure when you select the word in the HUD to drag that you click on the word, not just in the row–it’s possible to select by clicking anywhere in the row, but drag only works if you click on the area with text.