Kickstarter: BU solution for Mac Laptops with a SD Slot

It doesn’t apply to me, with my aging MacBook, but if you have a 13" MBA or a MacBook Pro that has a slot for an SD card, you might be interested in this Kickstarter project. … -minidrive

In a nutshell, it lets you put a MicroSD card in the size of your choice into that SD slot to use for backup or other purposes.

Why use a MicroSD adapter (their’s costs $30 with shipping) when you could just use a SD card? Because that SD card sticks out a bit, while their adapter with a MicroSD sits flush with the surface of you Mac laptop. That means no problems slipping your laptop in and out of cases.

From the video, I get the impression that a typical use would be setting up Time Machine to back up to that drive. That could be useful if you don’t have any handy way of backing up your laptop every day. Of course, it’ll do you absolutely no good if your laptop is stolen.

Kickstart is well worth visiting regularly, perhaps using the search function for areas of interest. I participated in the release of Slingshot, a camera-like holder for smartphones. For $14, I got on the list for the August release of a product that’ll probably sell for about $30 commercially. … o-and-more

It eliminates the #1 problem with taking pictures with a smartphone–they’re simply not well-designed for holding steady and pointing properly. It’s also so cleverly designed, it will let you mount your smartphone on standard camera tripods. And it seems well-enough designed to work with almost any smartphone. No obsolesce.

This pre-production funding deals do run out though. So you if you like something, join while you can.