Kindle compilation cuts part of the chapter

Hello, i purchased Scrivener for windows, and I’m trying to compile my book for Kindle in mobi format, but I saw that some chapters are missing half or more text in the final document. I don’t know what is wrong with this and I’m near my deadline. Please help me.

Edit: I also wanted to clarify that the doc version of the text is ok and contains all the text needed. I want to report a bug in the pdf compilation, that generates a ToC where the pages corresponding the chapters selected are replaced with the same page were the ToC actually is.

Look at the “Separators” in the compile window. This kind of problem has driven me nuts. I have a book whose sales are taking off on Amazon and one of my friends just let me know that entire chapters are missing. It’s because you can’t just define a chapter directly, it is based on the sequence of folders and files in the binder. Very frustrating.