Kindle ebook Compile

Hello everyone,
I have been creating ebook and while most of the options are terrific, I have really hard time creating front matter.
I was able to look into this blog, which is explaining the process nicely, if written for mac and not quite compatible with widows version
What I am struggling with is that for some reason my ebook gets auto-generated ToC. I could get past the fact I have to make each chapter scrivener link manually, but I need to get rid of table of content that is referencing each and every front matter page from book title and dedications to legal disclaimer before they even appear in the book!

Any suggestions?

Thank you

First off, a disclaimer – I am not familiar at all with how Scrivener compiles eBooks. I have, however, created a number of eBooks. And for fussy edits to the html for eBooks, I have been using Sigil. It breaks down all the sections/chapters into easy to edit bits. I have never edited my TOC there, but it appears to be an option.

It helped me solve a problem where I had embeded a cover image in my Open Office document, I uploaded to Kobo and their converter created code that distorted the cover image by stretching it to the full width to the screen. With Sigil, I could open, edit the code, re-save and re-upload to Kobo.


Thank you Maria, I will check it out.

Yes, Sigil is the way to go for this one at the moment, as there is not currently a way from within Scrivener to set up a custom TOC in place of the automatically generated one. It’s in the plans, but won’t arrive for a while yet.

Oh well…

I would be happy if it just allowed to input it in exact place, but even as it is it’s nice program.

Thank you for your help