Kindle Fire Scroll Bar

I have compiled my book mobi style.

On the Kindle previewer software, a whole page does not fit on the Fire in vertical orientation. So a scroll bar appears on the right. I hope this is not a compiling glitch. One explanation is that I am on my 13" laptop. Perhaps its too small to display the Fire properly. Any thoughts. Thanks.

Yes, it is a matter of your screen being shorter than the intended display device. It shows the display at 100% for an accurate preview. You’ll see the iPad needs scrolling as well. On an 11" MBA, even the regular Kindle screen needs scrolling. Kindles (including the apps) do not feature scrolling, nor are there any “pages” inside of the e-book. It’s just one long stream of text like in a Scrivener editor window. Where the text gets cut off is purely a matter of the user’s font size settings and other layout considerations.