Kindle(Mobi) Creator Errror

I downloaded the latest version today. I tried to compile but ran into errors.

for Kindle(Mobi) I got
"Errors compiling the Kindle(Mobi) Book
Error(core): Could not access file…

When I complied as an epub and tried to view in the Kindle Previewer it said
Kindle Previewer has failed to compile to book.

Any ideas on what I did wrong.

Came back to add I know it was something I did or didn’t do 'cause I can make one using the tutorial.

Okay I got it to work. I initially started with a blank document. So, I scraped that and started with the novel template. Now I’m able to compile, however, the spaces between paragraphs are not showing up nor are the parts I centered, centered.

Note: I imported a 20 page document and split it up.

Thanks; ebook compile has gotten a few updates for this beta but there’s more to go. I’ve seen the compile error you’re talking about and it is something Lee’s looking at, as well as all the formatting troubles. A lot of compile fixes have gone into this beta but mostly for RTF-based compile, DOCX, and PDF/Print, so it’s certainly not finished yet (even those still have more coming).

Were you using the same “Format As” preset each time that you compiled (from the original blank project and from the novel template)?

I’m not sure what the “Format As” is. Do you mean the compile features? Is so, then yes.

This setting here:

Note if you have the compile window compressed down to two options, it will be the top one.

Oh, yes. I copied the settings from the tutorial. They were listed as custom.

I just went to switch it over to Times 12… to see what would happen, but it throws out all my meta tags. When I put them in again it switches it to custom.

“Custom” just means that the settings have been altered from the preset. If you want to save the new settings to reuse later in another project (or to revert to if you make further changes and dislike them), just click the “Save” button and give your custom preset a name; it’ll be available then from the Format As drop-down.