Kindle pages skipping from 2 to 9

I exported a Scrivener document to Kindle (.mobi).

Two customers complained that the book skips from page 2 to page 9 (see images attached)

In truth, the customers are NOT missing any pages. The issue is that Kindle shows the wrong numbers at the bottom of the page

Page 2 is the 8th page of the book
Page 9 is the real 9th page of the book

Since Kindle read the .mobi exported by Scrivener, is it possible to fix this issue in Scrivener before exporting a new file?


How did you enter the page numbers? And why? Ebooks usually don’t have that because the reader can change the font size and line spacing and thus change the number of pages.

I am wondering the same question. I didn’t put the page number intentionally.

What do you think could be the reason?

Impossible to guess without more info. The screenshots you posted don’t look like from a Kindle reader.

The screenshot is from the Kindle online (when you open the e-book directly on the browser from the Amazon website)

But if you had Scrivener compile the .mobi file, didn’t you check it out in your own Kindle reader, on your Mac or iPad or something else, before submitting it to KDP?

Yes I did.

On my Kindle (the software on my Mac) I do NOT see any page number.
On my Kindle on my smartphone also I do NOT see any page number.

But two customers see the page numbers.

  • One read on browser
  • One read on Kindle smartphone

They sent me screenshots.
They live in two different countries and they have NO connection.

So the issue is: why Scrivener add pages number (if it does) and how to fix it?

If you don’t see it, it’s their reader who does. Simple logic.

Oh, and you don’t have to cite the previous post all the time. It’s rather obvious what you are answering… :smiley:


Still, this is not happening with other ebooks. Only with an ebook produced by Scrivener. Maybe someone in the forum has encountered and fixed the same issue and will read this post one day.

In the meantime, I am going back… to writing :slight_smile: