Kindlegen now fails in Scrivener 3.0.1 -- Invalid nav element.

Just upgraded to Scrivener 3.0.1 and now I can’t compile for KF8/MOBI. Here is the log file for Kindlegen, abreviated:

Amazon kindlegen(MAC OSX) V2.9 build 1028-0897292
A command line e-book compiler
Copyright and its Affiliates 2014

Warning(prcgen):W30013: Invalid “nav” element in Navigation file. Please refer to Kindle Publishing Guidelines about usage of EPUB3 Navigation support. A “nav” element can have two child elements, an optional heading and a mandatory ol ordered list in file: /private/var/folders/23/w76xjg0j5jv4jw_yt50swsdm0000gn/T/EBOOK_TEMP/test_X/contents.xhtml line: 8
Error(prcgen):E24012: Epub Navigation file could not be built.
Info(prcgen):I1038: MOBI file could not be generated because of errors!

Generated NAV is:



  1. Dedication
  2. Foreword
  3. Chapter One - Chapter
    1. Section Uno
    2. Section Dos

Edited addition to post: I created a new project from the General Non-Fiction template, did absolutely nothing to it, and told it to compile KF8/MOBI and it fails the same way. So this is very easy to replicate.

Temporary fix is to compile to EPub3, edit the


manually, then use kindlegen…

See also … =2&t=49946

Easier workaround: … 93#p255893

Workaround works, but it is bizarre. I don’t understand that HTML Elements pane at all (and the documentation isn’t clear to me in the slightest).
Anyway, this gets me going, but I’ll be happy when 3.0.2 arrives.

Argh, a fix for something else broke this. Fixed for 3.0.2.

i am having the same problem. Glad to read that it is fixed in 3.02. When I check for updates my copy of Scrivener says, “Scrivener 3.0.1 is currently the newest version available.” Is 3.02 available?

3.02 hasn’t been released yet.