Kindlegen with Mac 10.7.3

Hi all: I’m ready to pull my hair out…LOL But for the life of me I can NOT get the Kindlegen to work on my Mac.

Scrivener keeps telling me during compile that the version I have is not the right Kindlegen and I should uninstall and re-install from Amazon. I’ve now done that 4 times and it’s the same each time.

I unzip it and put the folder into Applications…tell Scrivener where it is…but it doesn’t like it.

What am I doing wrong??


Thanx in advance

Strange… That error message usually means that Scrivener can’t find KindleGen. Have you moved it at all since you set it in Scrivener?

All the best,

No…this is the first time…(or 4X) I’ve downloaded it. So I don’t understand why it’s having so much trouble. When I look at the ‘kindlegen’ file in the folder, right after download from Amazon, it looks blank. Is that usual?


And a new twist…LOL…why not?

I decided to compile in a .epub format…took it into Kindle and it was ‘successfully’ converted to .mobi Then to see it, I downloaded the Enhanced Previewer…put it into my Apps file…and when I tried to open it…it just danced around the dock. When I clicked on it…it closed. Tried to ‘open with’ on the .mobi file…no go. sigh

Is this all Lion? Anyone else have problems with these two Amazon apps??