Knowledge Management ("OneNote") with Scrivener

Is there anyone out there using Scrivener in a way MSOneNote or similar programs encourage: use a framework to store different snippets of information to

  • search through all stored information
  • condense the knowledge to different levels of detail/collect pieces regarding different aspects
  • use hyperlinks to map interdependencies of items

I am looking for software to do this - this should be able to do with scrivener. Some possibilities are missing of course (like mindmapping - but MS ON does’nt do this either).

Do you think this could be done? If not - are there similar programs with which this could be done?

Welcome to the forum, kh.

DevonThink, Yojimbo, Eaglefiler, Tinderbox, Together, Curio (possibly) - these are the sorts of programmes that are the Mac OS 10 equivalents of MS OneNote and are designed to achieve most of what I think you’re trying to do.

Search this forum using their names and you’ll find quite a few threads that argue their rival merits.

And now Evernote, hitherto Windows only, is about to beta a Mac version also, I believe.

Edit: The “Mac version” is a Mac client of a new web service that would enable you to access your snippets anywhere.

To Hugh’s list I would add Circus Ponies’ Notebook. It’s the closest to MS’s OneNote in functionality (imo), though they are not the same by any stretch of the imagination.

I had heard of Evernote but hadn’t used it, then I received an invitation for the Mac beta. It seems to be just an info-bit collector - allbeit a nice one with a web presence - but it can’t handle PDFs so it is of little use to me. Since I already use Yojimbo, I can’t see Evernote being in my workflow any time soon.

I keep hoping that Devonthink Pro will move up to ver. 2, but it’s been promised for so many years now that I am not hopeful. DT is currently being developed (a small update happened just the other day), so perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic.

OneNote is the single program on Windows that I would love to see on a Mac. I’ve played with it enough to know I would use it daily.

Doh! I knew I’d missed the one most comparable to OneNote. By the same token, there’s also Aquaminds’ NoteTaker.

Re DevonThink 2.0: I’m keeping the faith. I think the latest estimate was “2008, but months not weeks”. 8)

VoodooPad is pretty cool… actually, the VoodooPad forum is where I found out about Scrivener.

You might also want to take a look at SlipBox