I am currently working on a 1.11 version of Scrivener that will fix the bugs that have come to the fore with the release of 1.10. I hope to get this out in a few days. In the meantime, there are two bugs that can appear quite serious, though fortunately both have workarounds so that you can get up and running with 1.11:

Upon updating, my project appears only as an empty window!
This bug also causes an error message on the console about “NSNull” not responding to “caseInsensitiveCompare”. It is caused by a blank word in the project’s custom auto-complete list. To fix it, follow these steps:

• In the older version of Scrivener (e.g. 1.03 - if you don’t have a copy of 1.03, you download it here - be careful not to open any 1.10 projects in it, though), open the un-updated project and go to Edit > Auto-Complete List. Somewhere in that list is a blank item - it will just say “New Word” in grey.
• Delete that item - and any other blank items - and save the auto-complete list.
• Update Scrivener to 1.10, update the project, and this time it should open.

When I try to view Project Statistics, Scrivener hangs/crashes!
This bug is caused by the widows and orphans layout code, and will affect printing and project statistics (it affects the latter because, in order to get a page count, the text is invisibly laid out as if it were going to be printed before the statistics are displayed). To fix it, just turn off widows and orphans avoidance as follows:

• Go to File > Page Setup.
• Select “Scrivener” from the Settings pop-up button.
• Uncheck “Avoid widows and orphans”.

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I had a crash the other day, apparently from the Project Targets popup, but when I followed the advice in this thread today I did not see any Widows and Orphans checkbox to uncheck. This was on a new MacBook Pro.

Sorry, that advice is out of date - I need to unsticky this post. There is no such button any more. If you experience a crash, please send me the crash report so that I can investigate it.
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