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The psycho-thriller I wrote yonks ago, the first one I ever wrote using Scrivener, was published by PS Publishing, the UK’s largest genre publisher, this past August.

‘Daere is like most of the ageing population in the run-down North Wales coastal town of Ffrynt: quiet, responsible, and born of a time when people had manners and knew their place. Not the sort to troll online bookstores, or stalk the object of her affection, or harbour grim secrets. Certainly not the sort to, when events don’t go her way, head on a violent collision course with single mum Clary - once a treasured new neighbour, now the target of a dangerous obsession . . .’

Amazon UK: … 1786360878
(it’s on the US site too)

A Review: … i-Scofidio

Sneak Peek Extract: … cklebones/

Thanks to Litt. & Latte & tautologies for making a life-long dream possible. Good luck to everyone else!

All best wishes xox
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Congrats. :slight_smile:

Congrats! :slight_smile: :smiley: