Label color adjustment bug

I expect this is a bug in the OS, not Scrivener, but…

When adjusting a label color, when the Color picker opens in HSB mode, if you type in values for HSB, the color will not change. Also, from that point, the color picker won’t change the label color no matter what.

You have to close and reopen the color picker and then adjust the color by moving the sliders in the HSB to change the label color.

Can confirm, it does the same thing for me. I’m going to guess it has something to do with clicking the box changes where the focus / cursor is while clicking the slider doesn’t? But I’m not a developer.

I did accidentally find a work around that’s a bit annoying to use:

  1. Double click the label color to open the Color panel
  2. Click one of the HSB boxes, type in the number/value for that box
  3. Click on the next box to move the cursor and type again
  4. Repeat for the 3rd box
  5. Finally single click the circle for same label you double clicked on in the first step.

This seems to apply the color to the label, but you have to be careful about what you press/click while doing it. If you press tab to move between the boxes, it doesn’t work. If you click on anything else, it doesn’t work.

Yes it’s an annoying way to do this and I still think this counts as a bug, but this work around might be less annoying that just moving the sliders carefully & slowly to get the exact values you want?

Hey, thanks. Nice workaround! :sunglasses: :+1:

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I see this, as well. in the same circumstances.

Thanks for the report. I recall this being a bug that we may have had to implement a workaround for many years ago. It could be that it was never applied to the Labels list.

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