Label Color and Full screen mode...

Hi there

There are two things that would make Scrivener a lot better for me:

  1. In Full Screen (Composition) mode I would love it if there were a setting so that the document didn’t re-center itself vertically when I start typing. Currently if I place the cursor on to a line high up the screen then start typing the document jumps so the line being typed on is in the middle of the screen. I find it quite distracting and hard to keep track of where I am. I would love the option just to keep the edited line where it is.

  2. Secondly, it would be incredibly helpful to me if I could color rows by ‘Label Color’ in Scrivenings Composites (both in and out of Full Screen mode). I use the Label Colour to designate different Structural turning points and it would be great to see them when in composition/scrivenings mode just like I can see them in the Outliner rows. Adding this option to the ‘Use Label Color In…’ submenu would be amazing.

Anyway, thank you for reading.


The first one is easy…

It sounds like you’ve got Typewriter Scrolling Mode on – it’s supposed to keep the current line at a certain point in the screen. It’s intended to stop that irritating situation when you’re permanently typing at the very bottom of the screen – however, it’s a pain when you’re moving around a document when you’re editing so of course you can turn the feature on and off whenever you like.

I’m not sure whether you’re on Windows or Mac, but on the Mac you can turn the feature on and off with Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling (or ctl-cmd-T). You can choose which part of the screen it uses when it’s on in General Preferences > Editor > Typewriter Scroll Line. Not sure what the menu location is for Windows, but it is there somewhere I’m sure…

Perfect! Thank you! I almost wrote in my first post ‘This may well be possible already and I don’t know what I’m doing…’ :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help.