Label colors inaccurate

I’m enjoying Scrivener 3. Can’t for the life of me figure out one setting though.

When I use label colors in the binder, the colors are never exactly the colors I choose. Yellow looks gold, white looks grey, for example. The colors look fine when I initially select them (as custom labels), but they don’t translate correctly to the binder. I understand everything is a little washed out and the opacity is different, but I still think the color in the binder should appear closer to the color I selected. Ideally, it should be exactly the color I select, Btw, the calibration of my monitor is correct and colors are accurate in all other apps.

To clarify a little more: the colors look correct as icons and “dots” but they change when I select “Use Full Width in Binder.”

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

Could it be an example of the background colour modifying one’s perception of the colour? As far as I can tell, by extracting the actual colour values from the monitor using the Digital Color Meter tool, the two samples are identical:

Update: sorry, I missed your clarification before posting that. Well it would a prime example of not being able to win, no matter what you do, then. :smiley: Early feedback toward the accuracy of the label colour in the background was resoundingly negative. It meant you had to use very faint and desaturated label colours to avoid the binder being overly bright and saturated at all times. So now the binder label reacts to the opacity slider in the Appearance: General Interface preference pane.

If you want them to be accurate, then increase the opacity of labels to full. Keep in mind that will impact all uses of label colours in backgrounds, such as the index card, icon tint, outliner etc.

Ah, thank you. I missed the opacity adjustment in the General Interface. That helped a bit. Thanks for the response!

THANK YOU, I missed that slider too. One of my biggest issues with the new interface is how it turned all my labels to super-saturated, vivid colors. (My custom background in corkboard mode also renders as more saturated, so I think Scriv 3 just handles colors completely differently.)

I still don’t love the squared label edges in the binder or the single-color index cards, but this color fix makes everything a little better. I love the content of Scriv 3 and appreciate the update, but I prefer the softer look of Scriv 2. And, actually, I’m surprised that the binder labels don’t have an option for rounding the edges, since that’s still an option for the index cards.