Label Colors Not Appearing in Scrivenings Titles

What the title says. Checking and unchecking the option in the view drop down menu sometimes works, but it’s inconsistent.

As you can see in the binder, ‘Nightmare Return’ and ‘First Outing’ should have white labels, while ‘Precinct Morning After’ should have red, like this:

The colors appear sometimes after a restart (but not always) and after opening the Scratchpad, (but not always.)

Show label colors in scrivenings is on.

I’ve fiddled with just about every option/toggle I can find and nothing seems to work consistently.

Not a major issue, obviously, but it niggles my OCD when I know they should be there.

Yikes, that doesn’t look like it is working well at all. What I discovered is that it only seems to work the first time you toggle them on (sometimes having to turn them off and then back on because it’s toggling them on that matters), and then only for that one Scrivenings session. If you navigate elsewhere they will vanish, and you have to toggle them off and on again.

I’ve filed a report to the developers.