Label Colors

I’m having a lot of fun testing out the new Scrivener Beta today!

This isn’t exactly a bug per-say, and should therefore be seen as low priority but it’s something that I’ve noticed.

In Scriv 1 (and 2 for Mac) the label colors “adjust” themselves, in the Corkboard/Index cards, Binder, and Outliner so as not to be as intense as primary colors tend to be on computer screens. Scrivener 3 (at least for Windows) does this as well… in the corkboard. In the Binder and Outliner, the colors can be blinding.

My request would be that they could adjust themselves in the Binder and Outliner as they do in the Corkboard/index cards.

Screenshots to illustrate what I mean:

And here is a link to get zoomable versions of the screenshots:

Well… mine doesn’t even change colors when I change the label. At least by default. Did you tweak any setting to get it to do this?

Just like in Scrivener 1 (for Windows) and 2 (for Mac) go up to the menu bar, click “View” then “Show label color in” and toggle where you want the colors to appear.

There is a slider for controlling the saturation of label colours when used in backgrounds, in Appearance: General Interface, Opacity of label colors when used in backgrounds. This unfortunately has no impact on the binder for technical reasons, but that should help in the outliner, icon tinting, index cards, etc.

Er, there will be. It’s not here yet in the beta. :wink: Something to look forward to!

Oh right, forums crossed! :slight_smile:

This seems to be working in the Index cards… and nowhere else. It is listed in the corkboard section so that might be intentional. I can understand technical limitations, and if that’s the case, maybe there should be a few more default label color “choices” that are more muted. For me, it’s not a big deal to turn down color opacity in the color picker when setting my project labels, but I can see new users creating thread after thread about this topic once Scrivener for Windows 3 releases.
This thread was merely to say to the devs, “hey, someone testing the beta noticed something that could be viewed as less-than-optimal so upon release others are likely to view it that way, too.”

Ah, okay. Disreguard the post I just made, in that case! I look forward to testing that when you get it to us!

Thanks, that works :slight_smile: