Label Sets

Sorry if this has been suggested before - I searched, but there were a lot of suggestions around labels in general and I didn’t see anything that looked specifically like this.

It occurred to me that it would be useful to have different ways to view the corkboard or outline. Basically, in addition to the different labels we have now, I’m thinking of different sets of labels.

For example, in my current project I labeled all the cards based on the character who’s POV that scene is told from. Makes it really easy to see if I have too many chapters in a row from the same POV.
But, then I wanted to look at them based on where they take place - a label by location. I’d love to be able to go to a view menu, and select “label set: location”, and see the same cards but with a different set of labels applied. Time period, mood, theme, or a myriad of other possibilities come to mind.


Beyond label and status (which you can also rename), you can use keywords. These don’t appear on the corkboard, true, but you can search by them, so you can apply a location as a keyword to different docuements and then search by that location to locate them.

Hope that helps - thanks for the suggestion,