Label & Status in Inspector in 3.0 (elimination of General Pane)

I found the General Pane of Inspector in the previous version to be useful and more visually appealing. For one thing, it was easier to see at a glance when the document was last modified without having to mouse into Metadata.

I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, but burying Label and Status in the gray border at the bottom makes them harder to see, particularly if you have multiple windows open on an iMac. I hope that one day you might provide an option to at least move them up and out of their gray tomb of the bottom border where they blend away into the operational commands and don’t really look the part of their function any more. (It was also nicer having a little visual break between Synopsis and Notes, I think.)

So, you would want them to be moved into the Metadata inspector pane and available nowhere else? How would that not be in fact actually burying them, as opposed to aesthetically placing them in a place you aren’t used to yet? :wink:

I don’t really think there is enough space in the Metadata tab for anything else at this point, unless you only use one of keywords or custom metadata in a project at a time.

Fair point Twelvetimes. For such relevant information to be buried in an awkward part of the screen seems strange. After an hours writing, or a couple of beers, my eyes default to typewriter mode so I cant reach that part of the screen anyway.

You can’t… look down? :slight_smile: To a standard area for status bars? How do you find the word count? Or how many files are listed in the Finder? Surely when you’re drunk it should be harder to look at the top of the screen!