Label Tint Opacity Not Working in New File

I’ve started a new project and the Options: Corkboard: Label Tint Opacity feature does not appear to be working. It still works in my old project, but my current project refuses to change the opacity of my index cards. It does still mark them with the color in the right hand corner of the card and all of the other Corkboard functions seem to work just fine (corners, corkboard background, etc.). I’ve tried creating another blank project and it still doesn’t work. In addition, sometimes when I click Apply in the Options: Corkboard panel, one of my split windows changes. It’s very strange and new behavior. I’d appreciate any tips. I’ve already restarted my computer and it did not help.

Thank you!

If I’m understanding correctly, the problem is that you need to switch on View > Label Color In > Index Cards for the projects. The opacity setting is global, but whether or not the cards are coloured is set per-project.

Regarding the Options, assuming that you don’t just mean that hitting Apply or OK updated the editor to show your new preferences, this is probably a bug I’ve noticed where certain circumstances will cause the interface to change when clicking Apply in Options. I’ve got this logged, so with luck it won’t be too hard to track down the problem and correct it.

Yes! Thank you so much. I appreciate the help. :smiley: