Labelling characters in chapters

I have lots of characters to keep track of and need to be able to see at a glance on the corkboard who is in each chapter. But it looks like I can only show one labelled character per chapter? How do I show several?
Thanks, S

  1. why would typically anyone want to see who is in each chapter/section?

  2. why would anyone typically need to see many chars in each chapter/section?

This is one of those answers, that nobody helps.

If one asks how he can do this and that, he or she will have a reason to ask for it. In this special case it could be the wish to have a quick overview about personal constellations of scenes and chapters. Most likely it is connected and related to connecting scenes, subtext and/or character development.
It would be also good to see the characters (notes as keywords) in the outliner).

If one does not need it or does not understand, what for one could make use of such a feature, thats ok. But to write down that one does not understand the need, is not helping to find a solution.



learngoodinfo is a bot which just asks questions. I was suspicious from it’s first post—at that time thinking whoever/whatever it was—that I didn’t trust what use was going to be made of any replies.

I thought Ioa (AmberV) had deleted all it’s posts, but it seems there are some remaining.