Lagging while typing

My Scapple lags horribly when I type. I found a post already on here,

but the recommendations there apply to Lion and I am running Yosemite. The file size is a 147 KB, and it is driving me nuts. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


The main thing I have seen that can slow down a board is lots of notes and connections between them (+100). That’s likely going to depend on your computer though (probably the CPU), how much it takes before it gets slowed down to the point of being annoying.


I just want to bump this topic.

In Scapple, on a document with about 140 notes, i’m having lagging typing too.

What’s odd, though, like others have noted, as long as the note is just 1 line long (even the entire width of a 21" iMac screen) there is no lag whatsoever. However, a much shorter note that wraps encounters ever increasing lag starting at about 25% of the way across the second line.


-Tim (a different one)