Laggy Response

Hi, not sure if this has been mentioned, but am experiencing a laggy response when using Scrivener .23. Have been slowly copy / pasting material into the project - around 80,000 words, and have noticed that the application is not as responsive as it originally was when I started the project. Clicking on a chapter takes perhaps 1 second to react, the same when selecting a label from the drop-down menus. Similarly when attempting to edit titles of folders. I only have text in the project - no pictures. Have restarted the application, just to be sure, and still experiencing the issue.

I am running a new machine - Win XP, Core i7, 3 gigs ram. Anyone experiencing this problem? :question:

Just a note - I was using a USB stick to save the work. Have now switched to the hard drive, and noticeably faster. However… still the slightest of lags when clicking between chapters while doing edits. Anyone else seeing this, or am I just being overly fussy?

I have a similar experience with XP SP3; Intel Atom; 1.66 GHz 1 GB ram. Starting the program from “minimized” after “hibernation”, is slow and will often go to “not responding” before clearing; then, particularly initial activity in binder and changing titles, is lagging. I thought it was simply my machine, which could still be the case, and, in seeing this posting, thought I would add my 2 cents.

I’m also having lag issues. I’ll be typing away and realize that the text hasn’t kept up with my fingers. Or I’ll try to backspace to delete something and it will hang for 5 to 10 seconds before slowly starting to catch up to where I am.

For me it started when I updated to the current 024 version. I never had any issues before then. I used the in-program updater instead of uninstalling/reinstalling the way I usually have. Could that possibly be a cause?

I rebooted my system and restarted the program thinking it was something to do with my system but the issue continues. I’ll try a clean install next.

I’m running Win7Pro 64bit with 4gb RAM and an AMD 3.20GHz processor. I really should be having no issues since I’ve only got Firefox and Pandora sidebar running along with my Scrivener project.

Thanks for all the specs posted on this problem. Lee had to take out some of the optimization code that was causing a bad bug in 022, which may have caused the recent slowdown. He’s still working on boosting performance, so these reports will help see where the issues are.