Language of menus

I am subscribed to Scrivener 1 (Windows), but I am slowly trying to understand Scrivener 3 and I have the beta version (Spanish). I have problems with the language of the menus. They have mixes of Spanish, French and English. Improve this detail or am I doing something wrong? I love this writing tool.

Moved to beta forum. – Katherine

You’re not doing anything wrong. They just don’t have all the translations of menu items completed yet.

It is understood. Take the time you need, this tool has to be working well. We encourage you.

Hello … I already have Scrivener 3 and that makes me happy, for you and for everyone. A thousand congratulations. Should we keep waiting for the menu item translations to be completed for version 3? The image I sent in May 2020 is still in the same situation.