Language set to US in Scrivener, despite iPad being set to UK

Firstly - absolutely loving Scrivener on iOS. It has transformed the way I run by content marketing business.

Just one problem at the moment, which is rather odd.

My iPad is set to UK English but Scrivener seems determined to operate in US English. I can’t find any language settings in the app itself, therefore I assume it simple defaults to whatever the device is set to. But that doesn’t seem to be working!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

If I remember correctly your iPad language (Settings - General - Language and region) determines the language used in menus etc on the iPad. The language for spell check is determined by the Keyboard you have set under Settings - General - Keyboard.

I feel sheepish…

Thank you very much - that was the issue (even the the UK keyboard was actually present as well!). Good old Apple.