Language Tool for Scrivener

Hi guys!

Are there plans to integrate LT ( into Scrivener as a grammar and spell checker?

Best regards from Vienna!

PS: I found with board search, that this question has been already asked (by me and others) in the forum, round seven years ago. I thought it could be helpful to re-post the request :slight_smile:

Hello everybody,

I also would love to know that.
LanguageTool is a great tool!
So I absolutely second this idea.

Kind regards from Germany!

Hi everyone,

I would also love to see the integration of LanguageTool into Scrivener. I use my LT Plus account every day for my work and have to go to MS Word to use it – direct access to LT from my favorite writing software would be great!

Best regards,

PS: Another popular text editing app (resembling a classic modern novel from an Irish author…) today released a major update with LT Plus integration. I’m just saying.

I totally agree with this, this tool can be very useful for everyone, I hope you consider it

It looks like it is Language Tool that develops the plug ins so you would need to ask there not here.

AFAIK, there is no plugin API in Scrivener and it is not planned either:

“Sorry, but there are no plans for any kind of API. We are a very small team - I’m the sole developer of the Mac version - and implementing, documenting and supporting an API just isn’t practical, I’m afraid.”

(from API to enable plugins like Zotero)

Or did I miss something?