Laptop with old beta is dying

HELP!!! My last beta expired August 15th, 2011. Plus, my laptop is dying and I cannot download the newest version. It goes til there is one second left and won’t finish the download. I have been having lots of laptop issues and am switching to my desktop.

I’ve just downloaded the newest trial version onto a desktop. I can see the files on my laptop and have tried putting them on a flashdrive - but error says something like Scrivener won’t allow the transfer?

I am not very computer literate - any thoughts, or step-by-steps would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have a problem buying the software and skipping the trial if that could be the issue.

Thanks so much!

I’m not wholly clear what’s happening, but what you’re trying to do ought to be possible, so I’ll just run through the steps:

  1. Install the most recent Scrivener beta (049) on your desktop
  2. Copy all your project .scriv folders from your laptop–you’ll need the entire .scriv folder for each, not just the .scrivx
  3. Save those copied projects to your desktop in whatever location you want to keep them
  4. Open the projects in Scrivener on the desktop by launching Scrivener and choosing Open Existing Project, then navigating to the location of the saved project and selecting its .scrivx file (you’ll have to do that for each project, of course)

If you get any errors following those steps, either taking a screenshot of the error message or typing out the exact wording and letting me know when and it occurred will help figure out what’s going on.

Thanks for you quick reply - I was able to save my old Scrivener work on my flash - still won’t transfer, but I’ll be able to cut and paste. I’m going to wait a couple more days til the real thing comes out and start then.