Latest 2.9 Version not installed

Hi -
I’m using Scrivener Version (build 26324).

Downloaded the latest installation DMG file (version 2.9). With Scrivener closed, I open the DMG file and copy into the Applications folder shortcut. Reopen Scrivener and it still shows

Why can’t I get the 2.9 version to over write the 2.8 version?

Thanks in advance for any help!

OK - Did some more digging and solved my own problem, but I’m posting the solution here for anyone else that might run into same issue.

The problem was that in my Applications folder there are 2 Scrivener applications:
“Scrivener” => the version one
“Scrivener 2” => the version 2.9 one

So I kept installing the DMG file correctly - it overwrote the “Scrivener 2” app each time, but my shortcuts (primarily the one I kept in my Dock), were pointing to the “Scrivener” app, not the “Scrivener 2” app.

Deleted the “Scrivener” ( application and opened the “Scrivener 2” (2.9) application and all is well. Removed and replaced my Dock shortcut as well.

My supposition is that L&L renamed the old application (now that Version 3.x is out), adding the “2” to the name so as to differentiate and allow users to keep both versions of the application around. Added a bit of confusion to my day, but all sorted out now. HTH!