Hi Guys and Girls,

Sincere apologies for the delay on this beta 1.4 release for Linux, it’s been a little crazy here :slight_smile:


Yay thanks!

Thank you, and your hard work is much appreciated. I’m relieved to say it does not have the crashing I was getting with the Windows Beta when using arrow navigation in the binder. However, it looks like smart quote imports are in issue in this as well as the WIn. Beta.

Nonetheless, it is looking very good on my Linux box, very good indeed…

I’ve been trying to make my binder crash with the windows version and can’t. :frowning:

Sweet! I don’t have to worry about getting it to run in wine at all now. :wink:

Ultimately I think that when this is finally released, it will probably be better to run it in wine if you’re running a 64 bit system simply because of the spellcheck issue, but right now running a beta application in a beta release of wine presents too many opportunities for instability.