latest beta available?

I have a license, but 3.0 is saying it’s a pirated license. The license was purchased Dec 2019. I’m unable to access my work now. I’ve emailed sales about this including the email from them which contained the key. Until they get back to me, is the latest beta available anywhere? I’d at least like to access my work and export it out to Word. It’s a year of work…

You can download and install the trial version of 3.0 just as you’ve always been able to for any version of Scrivener. That gives you 30 non-consecutive days to work out the license problem.

Thank you for the input. It’s saying my trial has expired…

There’s no way the actual just-released version of Scriv 3 has expired - it’s literally only been out a couple of days and so there hasn’t been time for a 30-day trial for anyone.

If you get an expired message, it’s surely referring to one of the recent beta versions, as in the subject line for this thread. I’m saying install the trial version of the new, final, actual release. There’s a 30-day trial period for that, and when it gets close to the end, buy it - or don’t.

When you first go to the Windows section of this forum, look in the Announcements. There are links to how to download the new software there.

Thank you. Still had problems with trial. Long story short, there was an edit to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts that had to be made by deleting “”. First had to copy the hosts file out, delete, then put the host file back and overwrite it. All good (for) now.