I can count about 30 posts to this forum in the last few days, all listing serious flaws in the 19 and 20 version releases of Scrivener. I’ve never seen so many bugs, so many post of complaints and issues with this software.

Scrivener used to be one solid, stable piece of code. But what is up lately?

You’ve gone from a near perfect tool to a beta version that is - no, other way to describe it - PURE GARBAGE.

When can we diehards expect something decent from the team?

I’m using .20 on a daily basis with few problems, so ‘PURE GARBAGE’ doesn’t come close to describing my experience.

Perhaps if you took the time to post the issues you are facing the L&L team might be able to address them.

This ‘diehard’ is quite happy with the ‘decent’ offering from the team.

Yes there are thing to address, but that is what Beta is all about.

(From the notes that you should have read before downloading the beta.)


Switched to the beta version of Windows six months ago working on a fairly complex project (historical novel 80K words) - the software is brilliant and getting better with each release. No complaints here…

I’ve been using the Beta exclusively since v7 or v8. My output is on a par with the stable v1.9. What’s your problem? Oh, and it’s a BETA. Did you not get the memo?

@twolane, you’d probably like to read into the full discussion of bugs.

Recent serious-sounding ones turn out to be local problems, I think, or extensions of purpose that will turn up and can be easily remedied.

There is a certain level of holdover backlog, but I think we can all understand the difficulties with constant energy on the part of software developing persons.

In retrospect, at least, it seems that a summer vacation may have been a better idea than strict perseverance?k If at least r&r follows suit in the Antipodes…!

You have five posts, spread over six years, all containing complaints.

I agree. It’s a fair way of describing your posts.

With your experience you could either help newcomers or provide valid serious bug reports, instead of just venting your general grumpiness.

I’ve been trying to build a better mouse trap since conception 1.0. It’s worked fine over the years but those that have complained failed to provide any input other than it’s cruel, inhumane and downright horrible.

Of course they’ve never offered to help either, just to tell me how much of an utter failure it is with vague conceptions, useless drivel and their failed expectations of reaching cloud 9 while mice still invade their premises.

But I can only breed cats so fast.

Obvious troll is obvious. Constructive criticism doesn’t look like this.

I’m happy using this software and I’m delighted that we can not just report bugs but actually get to see them resolved as the new version comes closer.

I do “read into” the full discussion of bugs. That’s why I use the Beta. It works for me. If it doesn’t work for someone who can’t manage to find a sharp stub pencil and unwrinkled paper to write, it’s not my problem. Furthermore, meaningless posts as submitted by whoever it was started this thread are PURE GARBAGE.

Thankfully, the OP went to the trouble of using his fingers and toes (what, 30, was it?) to count the salient posts. I really appreciate that. Perhaps he should read into the full discussion of bugs.

Of course, as always, one’s mileage may vary.

@twolane, I really apologize. It was late and somehow I remarked to the wrong perpetrator :slight_smile:

He/they know who they are…

On your side, I really enjoyed your manner of reply, which was quite humane.

Take care

I have a long history in software.
So I have a high tolrance for beta stuff. I technical write demos for unreleased software features.
So my view that Scrivner 3 Beta is NOT GARBAGE might be colored.

EXCEPT today:
We moved my wife to the beta. No way would I move her and her work to GARBAGE,.
She after a few minutes was breaking her massive single file into chapters, scenes, and future book folders. She has gone from being lost in how to reorganize in Word to a clear vision of her work in under an hour.

Garbage it is NOT. Beta it is.

And I can tell you I am arguing with Final Draft people over if its really OK for Final Draft 11 (Paid release) to sit with a 12 page screenplay open but untouched and run down my battery with a constant CPU usage of 15-20% Where Word and BETA Scrivner can both be open and use less than 3% total.

Garbage it is NOT, A beta better coded than some release software it is.

First off I want it known that I don’t think of Scrivener as garbage, as I find the author just being a troll and I tried to have a laugh at their expense.

Truth is I feel there are those that think writing code is easy, whereas it takes a lot of work to flesh out an idea and bring it to fruition. It also takes some like minds or bring those that can think along the same lines as the one who came up with the idea and help make it a reality. Some are under the impression software is like writing an app for their phone. While its small in nature its just as complex. Later people want more and more added. Eventually it becomes bloatware and has moved past what had originally been intended.

The other flip of the coin is that the platform it was originally made for. Software is something that doesn’t sit idle unlike what others might think. Both MS and Apple keep upgrading and refining their software through patches, or major updates. I won’t get into that but point out that things change, by either refinement or dropped.

My point is that when people see Beta they think its mostly code ready. Far from it. I’ve been involved with other forms of Beta’s and I can tell you if your into gaming don’t expect much at first. I watched one game not once but 3 times evolve and I would read in chat’s how unprepared the developers to have even considered releasing such a incomplete product. Of course those that really understand how Beta’s work jumped like sharks going for bait. The updates had taken months to get down. We know what the ones complaining wanted. They wanted a product that was complete so they could see all the cut-scene’s put on YouTube and spoil the game for others. That an also not have to pay for the upgrade later one.

My point it that I feel at times with how freely some are able to obtain a copy of the beta here is to have a free product for as long as possible and that the person here is ‘Bitch’in’ because they can’t get it to do what they want it to do. I don’t care if they say they own a license or not. They claim that its moved away from what it was.

Well from what I’ve seen it hasn’t. It’s being enhanced due to changes in the writing community and the coders are trying to keep it as relevant for future use as well else people will move on with something else depriving them of income. That’s the cutthroat of trying to keep current. Look back on how MS Office overtook WordPerfect and others with their innovations back then. Hate or love I don’t care, its the idea that changed how software is bundled.

For me I may not use only a 3rd or a 5th of the product. That’s fine. It’s a very fine product for what it does. I have my faith in the developers, the visionaries and so forth with this product, it’s why I can wait for the end result. I’ve done so for years on being privlaged to see other’s develop theirs. Yes I had my share of frustration, crashes and the likes, and even after it goes from Beta to Gold I’m sure we will also see other update, patches and the like. I truly do expect it.

Software writing is a complex task when you start looking at thousands of lines of code, graphics and such trying to get them all to work as expected. And I’m glad that the coders continue to plug away even with those detractors who probably never even gave a shit on how a sheet of paper comes out of their printer. Their only want is that it works. Shame because someone had to spend time to just write that which is now taken for granted. I remember loading tons of updates when new printers came out. PITA let me tell you.

But now I’ve rambled on long enough. If I could I’d send a thank-you in some other fashion than other what I’ve said. here.

I’ve started using the latest beta for a key project and have nothing but praise for it.

I’ve gone from start to finish in terms of setting up the project and compiling and outputting, without a glitch or issue.

And I’m enjoying the experience.

It strikes me that a lot of the more recent posts on the forum are updates to the original issues, reporting improvements or resolution of the issue.

The current beta is an entirely usable and also really quite beautiful piece of software, and I for one congratulate and thank the developers. While I look forward to the final release I have not yet come across an issue that has in any way impeded my use of the current beta.