Latest Scrivener for Windows 9/01/2020

A number of things have come up just tonight, using Beta (799093) 64-bit.

First, something from the previous build: I use a graphic as a line-break indicator and until the last couple of iterations have had no problem. Now I can copy and paste the graphic from the previous time I used it, but it places a variation of this code after the paste: <!$Scr_Cs::0> (the last figure can be 0, 1 or 2.) What’s more, after I’ve pasted, this code appears throughout the entire document (currently a 280 page novel in 43 chapters), so I have to do a complete search and replace to erase it.

Now, in the latest build, something’s going seriously wrong with how the program is drawing pages. I’ll attach some snips of what’s happening. Let’s say I’m writing in one chapter and I go back to the previous chapter to check something out. What I get is a blank page (first image in attachment). There’s a word count at the bottom, but nothing visible on the page at all. Now in this instance I’ve been writing with ‘Show invisibles’ checked (because of … well, to be explained shortly). So I uncheck Show invisibles and the text reappears. All is well. I click the down arrow to go to the next chapter, the one I’ve just been working on … and the chapter is now grossly misformatted (second image in attachment). It had been perfectly formatted before I moved back a chapter, now the formatting’s gone awry: large and small font sizes in one sentence, lines missing, the line-break image pushed left, off-screen, etc.

So I click ‘Show invisibles’ again and the proper formatting reappears. However, I can’t now add new text. The cursor either freezes completely, or the text shows half a letter when I start to type, as if it’s not drawn properly. The formatting icons (Centre, justified etc) don’t work either. The only thing I can do is close Scrivener using the Close box, then reopen it. The page I was working on now shows itself properly, and accepts text again.

When compiling, everything seems to be working properly. If I leave the line-break image code in the document, that’s recreated in a mobi file (can’t speak to other formats, but probably the same); but everything else shows properly, whether there have been lines missing in the Scriv document or not.

I hope you can fix these issues quickly, because they make working in Scrivener nigh on impossible.


Keith Dixon
Screen snips.doc (127 KB)

Hi Keith, this belongs in the Beta forum, if you want the devs to see it. You may want to PM a mod to move it there.


thanks for the info

Thread moved to Beta forum. – Katherine

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