Latest update Srivener 3 beta for Windows?

Hey there,

I just closed and tried to reopen my Scrivener 3 Beta for Windows. It wont open since it expired as of the March 31. Instead a little window pops up telling me to “download an updated version” from L&L.
I understand that the latest version is
Can I savely install it in the same place or will this destroy my settings, folder structure, projects etc. That is to say: How do I properly update in this situation?

Thank you, and sorry should I be missing the obvious!

All the best wishes,
Jan R.

Unless you saved your projects into the installation folder (under C:\Program Files…), which you should NEVER DO with any of your data from any application… you’re fine to uninstall/reinstall/update your software.

I would make a backup of your projects before you try anything. I haven’t had any issues with uninstalling the old beta, and then installing the new one in it’s place. Granted, I don’t have that many customized settings.

Thank you!

I reinstalled, and yes: the settings, personalized vocab etc. were gone of course, but not the projects, which I did not store in the programs folder but backed up anyhow to be extra save,

Makes me think: How very nice would it be to be able to simply update an expired version!!

After you’ve reset Scrivener to how you like it, then save your settings to a file. This will also save your theme settings. File > Options > Manage > Save Options to File

(Save the file somewhere other than your Scrivener program folder. Wherever you store your Scrivener zipped backups would be a good place.)

Then you can Load your settings back to Scrivener next time you forget the beta expiry date and have to remove/reinstall Scrivener. :slight_smile: File > Options > Manage > Load Options from File

And anyway, it’s good backup practice to save your settings occasionally, even after v3 is officially released.