Latest version?

Sorry if this is just my fault for switching to decaf, but…

I was away during November doing NaNoWriMo, and now that I have time to spend learning the software, I want to try Scrivener to continue working on my NaNo novel. So I come back and wow, there has been a lot of activity here. I’ve been reading the Linux user thread and others to try and catch up.

I want to get the latest Linux version which I believe won’t expire for a few months this time. Previously I got the Linux Beta off the Scrivener Windows download page, but I’d like to try installing via the .deb package this time.

My confusion arises because the link in “Beta 101 DEB NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD” under announcements appears to be a different link than what is given several times in the Linux user thread. Also the “Beta 101 released” announcement was back in June which makes me think that is not the latest version number.

Anyway, could someone verify that the “Beta 101 DEB NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD” dated Nov. 8th is the correct link to the latest .deb?


EDIT: Oh good grief! I just realized that linux user thread was mostly from a YEAR ago! No wonder I got confused. It had come to the top because there was a couple of new posts to it. :blush: Maybe I should try going half-caff for a while.

Naw, I’d say you need more coffee. :wink:

Yep, I’m an idiot. So I installed the .deb and it works.

One more question. Was the .deb supposed to create a launcher? Because I have nothing anywhere in my menu or on my desktop. I did Alt-F2 and typed Scrivener and it started up just fine. I can create my own launcher but I’m just wondering if the .deb was supposed to do it for me or not.

(running Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid)

EDIT: I created a new menu entry for it and when I entered the command it automatically detected and added the icon!

EDIT #2: Somehow, I was able to figure everything our last time. Installed it manually. Made a New Project–> Novel with Parts successfully. But now, when I choose this I just get a blank project. Tried several other templates for New project and nothing but a blank project. I guess my brain hasn’t recovered from Nano enough to handle the learning curve again. Maybe I should uninstall the .deb and try it manually again?

This may be a day or so late, but I just wanted to drop a note that Lee’s packed up a 1.0.3 version for Linux; it’s been passed off for Rob Hamm to make the .deb as he has so graciously been doing, and so that should be available soon. (I assume it will be called 1.0.3; it is built off the 1.0.3 Windows version. Not all Windows builds will become Linux betas, but this one should have a few big bug fixes since the last Linux one including the 0KB scrivx problem, so despite the fact that the old one won’t expire until March, it’s recommended to update.)