Latex compile changed in Scriv 3 beta for Win?

For a long time, in versions up to Scriv 1.9, I used inline Latex commands. For example, for a compile time insertion of my ‘packages’ file I would use

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Those HTML comment markers worked successfully. Now I am faced with output like…

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$<$!--\textbackslash{}input\{\slash packages\}--$>$

Q1. Where in Scriv 3 Win do I adjust to get my original Latex compilation of \input{/packages} ? Alternatively, technically, what changed?

Q2. Is there a place to adjust escape characters, say from to something else or something else to HTM escape?

Q3. Where in Scriv 3 do I remove header meta from compiled Latex ouput, like “Author:” ?


I have a lot of documents, built over substantial time with Scriv <=1x9 that outputs MMD to Latex. Others, many who have bought Scriv on my recommendation (or insistence) or who I bought for, must produce for or edit my catalogues of documents. The loss of HTML escape characters without a place to set an alternative must, regrettably, result in a move from the product. We cannot cope with the inconvenience or expense of an audience/customer shattering change of direction by developers. Alternatively, could we have an updated version increment to reinstate HTML escape characters?