LaTeX input in Scrivener editor

Hi all !

As I love both Scrivener and LaTeX, I searched for a solution that would allow me to compile both as .rtf (so I can send it to my thesis supervisor as she is not familiar with LaTeX) and .tex (so I can copile in .txt format and take it back on TeXMaker for layout).

The idea is quite simple : I just use the inline annotation option for LaTeX commands :slight_smile:

This way, you’ll have your LaTeX entries in red, your text in black.

When compiling, you can either :

  • Compile in rtf without inline annotations : your doc will be eay to read bay anyone used to wysiwyg
  • Compile in txt with inline annotations : you can import your .txt into any TeX editor which will recognize the LaTeX commands :slight_smile:

That’s it :wink:

Thank you very much for this excellent idea!

So far I have used the MMD-solution to get LaTeX to work with Scrivener and it has been a real bother. This solution seems to work great and feels a lot more natural. Now I can use all the great features of Scrivener, produce outputs in a lot of different formats, AND get a working LaTeX file.

By the way, for bullet points and enumeration points, I find that inserting the LaTeX commands as annotations as Etienne describes (i.e. \begin{itemize}, \item and \end{itemize}) and put each item as a bullet, the actual bullets can be removed when compiling for LaTeX by using preset replacements.

The challenge is for enumeration lists. For the LaTeX version I can just swap itemize with enumerate in the LaTeX code, but I am not sure how to get the numbers removed. I am thinking that a regex might do the trick, but a compromise might be to use enumerated points for my LaTeX output and settle for bullets in other outputs. That will probably be faster.

Another thing I haven´t tackled yet is citation. I currently use Mendeley but I also have EndNote. If anyone has any ideas for a neat way of solving this one I am all ears.