Launch freeze

I had Scriveeir on the ipad working perfectly, went to do an update before taking iPad on hols, Scrivener launches to a black screen with a white S, hangs around a while (no menu options except full screen, non responsive) then reverts to desktop. It still reports open app but only shows the black screen. Any suggestions? (Apart from lug a laptop.)

Can you please fully close out of Scrivener (swipe up on home screen and then swipe up the app to close out) and restart your iPad, then try opening Scrivener again? Does it launch normally then?

Thanks for the idea. I had closed and rebooted the iPad a couple of times but no success. Eventually I deleted Scrivener and reinstalled and that worked. It then spent 2 hours syncing (I have a few projects) then announced that the sync had failed.
Anyway, I was past time to leave for a month away so I abandoned and left without the iPad. I spent nearly a month on preparing to take only the iPad (syncing issues initially, had to delete projects and resync from scratch) so I think I’m done with Scrivener on the iPad. Again, thanks for trying to help.

Oh no, sorry! Two hours to sync even with several projects is irregular if you’re connected to WiFi. If you’d like to give it another shot when you’re back from your trip, write in to and we can help you get it set back up.