Launching with multiple monitors

Hi all,

I wanted to add to this (admittedly) old thread because I just found it due to an issue I was having. I just downloaded Scrivener again on a new computer with Windows 11. It immediately would not open and crashed each time I tried. I assumed it was due to either the new Scrivener (I used an old version in the past) or the fact I’m now using Windows 11.

I tried several troubleshooting tips here including reinstalling Scrivener (as an Admin), running as an Admin, rebooting, etc. to no avail.

It finally occurred to me when I noticed during one of these that Scrivener has a required resolution (which I met) that I was using 3 monitors for my day to day work. “Perhaps Scrivener doesn’t like this?”

Turns out, it doesn’t. As soon as I unplugged all my monitors except one, it launched just fine. I’m lucky in that I have a docking station so once it launched, I plugged them all back in with one plug and (so far, fingers crossed) it is running just fine with them all after launching.

Posting this here in case anyone else encounters this. And also to ask has anyone else encountered this and managed a work around whereby I do not have to unplug them anytime I want to launch Scrivener?


New thread for new topic.

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I have a 3 monitor setup with no problem for windows scriv 3. Have used with scriv for several years.

Interesting. Was hoping that once it was installed that would solve the issue. But no, I have to unplug each time to get it to launch. Perhaps it doesn’t like the docking station.

I wonder if it make a difference if all the additional monitors are similar?

I am in a similar situation with multiple monitors and several old 1.9 projects and an clean install of v3 (as admin) on my new Win11 system. I haven’t hooked up to the additional monitors yet (still working on the set-up).

My monitors are a hodge-podge, and I have used a docking station in the past, but not with Scrivener (yet). When I get them all hooked up, and the old Scrivener projects moved over, I’ll come back with an update.

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Don’t ask me for details, but here’s a leading question: are any of those monitors high DPI??

I recall a weird effect from some time ago relating to ?GIMP and a graphics tablet with a 4K TV connected to (nVidia) GPU output via HDMI. The TV had to be disconnected to get something to work: TV being off was not sufficient because Windows knew there was a high DPI device “connected” and did something weird just in case I turned it on.

If Scrivener has a resolution spec (I was unaware of that) maybe too much resolution somewhere might be the issue.

But just a stab in the dark really.


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Also experiment with which of monitors is the primary screen. If set the primary as one that is daisy chained, that might present problems.
Try changing the primary screen to see if that affects the Scrivener launch. I also did this with my laptop and two other screens attached with no problem.
My three monitors are each hooked into a separate port/connector on my video card so no daisy chain being done.

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The monitors are all old. At least 5+ years at this point. I keep threatening (myself) that one day I’ll upgrade and then I convince myself, “Hey, they are working fine, why bother?”

Good thought on switching the primary screen but still no dice. I’m pretty convinced it does have to do with the daisy chain to the docking station at this point, however. But, since my day-to-day is masquerading as a Technical Writer and I pretty much need this setup, I’m stuck for now with it. At least it is not too big a deal to unplug, launch Scrivener, plug back in.

Could even be the docking station as well but if unplugging works probably cheaper than upgrading till you are ready.
My set up is only two years old.