Layour Manager does not save 'hidden binder' layout correctly

  • I save a layout in which the binder is not shown
  • when I select that layout using the layour manager, the binder is displayed again

Would it be possible to export a copy of the .scrivlayout file and attach it here so we can take a look at it? I don’t get this result myself in a simple test, and in the file itself, near the beginning of the UiCommonXml key, it states, <Binder Show=\"No\">, which is what we’d be wanting to see.

Here iit is. (70.1 KB)

Okay! I see the bug now. It looks like if your binder has the Collections tab interface showing (in the background even, while the sidebar is hidden) then the binder = hidden condition is ignored.

So to get around it you’d need to use View ▸ Collections, close the binder, and then update the layout.

Ok, thanks.
btw, I notice that this file has screeds of (may not be, but looks like) garbage in it… This wouldn’t have anything to do with the other bug I reported today?

I’m not sure what you are classifying as garbage, but it’s worth noting there are a number of binary blobs in it, for things that do not express well as text, like GUI measurements, and there will of course be a very large blob for the screenshot it takes.