Lazy Man's Query

Is it possible to have two projects automatically load when opening Scrivener?

I use two projects daily – one holds my book notes, the other the work in progress.
Now, when I open Scrivener, the last project that I closed automatically opens. Then I have to manually load up the 2nd project. That’s an additional three mouse clicks – or about 100 clicks a month that I’d rather be using sipping my morning cup of coffee to fortify my concentration :laughing:

Is there anyway to get them to both open at the same time?

This will be coming in the next release and is already in the latest public beta. The option works to automatically load all projects that were left open when Scrivener closed, so by using File > Exit to quit the program when you’ve got both projects up, you’ll have them both load when you next launch Scrivener.

The following works for me. Can’t guarantee it doesn’t have some hidden gotchas.

You can create a batch/command file (plain text file with file type of .BAT or .CMD that will do this.

Start Notepad or other plain text editor, with a new empty file.

Start Windows Explorer and navigate into each of the Scrivener projects, copy/pasting the full path into the above text file.
Example: Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) > C: > users > Mike > Documents > projectfoldername.scriv
then clicking in the path field at the top, clicking in an empty spot at the end of the path (so highlights entire path), copy (Ctrl-C or right click Copy). Then click in above editor/text file and paste the path there. Repeat for the second project path.

The file will look something like this:

Add the following text to the start of each line:
start “” "

Add the following text to the end of each line:

So that now looks something like this:
start “” “C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Scrivener_empty_novel.scriv\project.scrivx”
start “” “C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Scrivener_test_inline_annotations.scriv\project.scrivx”

Save the result somewhere (Desktop for example) as a plain text file with a file type of .BAT or .CMD
Close the editor.

When you double click that text .BAT or .CMD file’s icon, two instances of Scrivener should launch in rapid succession, each presenting one of the specified projects.

I never know if what works for Mac also works for Windows,
But I keep my notes and multiple drafts in the SAME project.
Using the Draft and Research folders accordingly.
Then just set up a split window to view draft and note pages
As needed.

Thanks to all for the replies…

Being the lazy guy that I am :smiley: I think I’ll just wait for the upgrade, and not try the batch code.

As to Druid’s suggestion, I originally had notes and drafts in the same folder.
But I use two monitors, and you can’t drag the split screen to the second monitor. It’s easier to track notes from a separate folder on the second monitor, easier to scroll and locate files, and easier on the eyes with two wide screens.

To be even lazier, can’t you just leave the projects open all the time?